It Started with a Chicken

Dungeon Delvers Part 2

A New King

Run back to town, our asses dragging, but victorious. We talk to the townsfolk a bit, scaring them. Then we adjourn and meet with the elders at the Joyful Heart Tavern.

We get a pot of honey salve each.

Drink, drink, drink.  

Meet a human cleric named Ovine, of the Thyr faith.

We return to the cavern. There are only our footprints. 

Then we go back and get holy water (25g each). 

We go back to the intersection; there is an Ogrin and ten goblins.  Goraith pulls out the Kahr’s head and yelling at them, moves up on them. “Hey you louts, I’m the new king. I killed Kahroh Smashrock.” the ogrin argues with him; “I don’t believe you.” Goraith throws the head at the giant ogrin. 

Z begins casting sleep. 

“Can I wait for other people to move. I don’t want to be up there by myself.” — Big Bard.

The ogrin’s name is Trask. He and Goraith swing at each other, both miss. Then Z’s sleep spell goes off. Trask falls. We start chanting “Goraith! Goraith! Goraith!” 
He cuts Trask’s head off (on the 3rd try).

Goraith is now the king of the murderstone tribe. A bunch of the goblins put Goraith up on their shoulders and take him to the king room.

Killed one Ogrin.

Salash sets off door explosion. then chest explosion. A lot of loot; gather gold nuggets (50g); dwarven style items; kit used in jewelry making.

Big Bard finds a bag of tribbles. Pouch of Tribble Holding. Big Bard’s Bountiful Bag of Buff-balls. 

They show us Soulsmash’s room.  Loot in there, including a green silk shirt lined in jewels and elven symbols.

Oil on stairs; we are at top. Bloody Tsar the goblin king is yelling at Goraith “so you’ve got human mercanaries working for you.” He yells back “yeah, so what are you going to do about it.”

We are damaged and have poured oil all over the stairs (100 feet of stairs). 

Then we head back.



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