It Started with a Chicken

We Join a Caravan

Side Track and Back and a Druid Diguise

We are in Anvil Plunge.

Equipping up.  Debating whether to join the caravan or go it alone. Short discussion.

We decide to buy some arrow-heads, bamboo spears. We buy a bunch of daggers. They won’t let us export their ale. 

We are seeing Bravok Ashenchisel’s cousin; we are to use Bravok’s name.
Cousin:  Olek Ashenchisel; of Ashenchisel Imports in Bargar’s Port.

Stop in Three Points. They cheer on Cath, “the wrestler.” We meet with the town elders. 
They have found the origin of the humanoids that attacked the towns. Children of the Three Points found a cave across the river. They offer us 200 gp as a group to locate them.  300 additional if we eliminate the threat.

I examine the tracks with my new dice. “66%” There are tracks of:  Goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears and ogres. They appear to be watching the town.

I go first. Then we realize Galraith came from here. He draws us a map of “the broken hammer.” That is the name of their home.

Not too interested in bugging the humans until the leaders began talking to some people out in the woods. The people in the woods suggested that Galraith’s horde attack the humans.  The murderstone tribe.

Karhak Mashrock (Bugbear) and Bamdrawl Soulsmash (Ogre) are the leaders. Galraith says it would open up a hole for the hobgoblins to take control of the murderstone tribe if we were to kill them.

Tunnel recently carved; shored up with branches. Go for about a quarter of a mile. 

second level = bonesmashers
third level = gutswine tribe

Then we talk. Decide that Cath will dress as a druid, head back to Harmony to buy the disguise.

Me and Z go to the bar. Z buys a 100gp bottle of wine. 

“If I pass out, don’t let these guys dress me up in anything and put acorns in my hair.” — Z

“A druid alone.”

We go back with the disguise plan. Galraith tells the two goblin advance guards that the druid would like to be taken to their leader.

We toss them gold; they interpret it as an attack and run. We kill them. Cath knocks out one; I roll a 5 for init, then nat 20 with my bow and hit my guy through the throat “5” on d6 damage; then I roll a 15 then 5 damage.

I look in the door they ran out of.  More goblins. I move in to attack with my new dwarven steel axe. I roll a six on my init, and a 15 on the die (16, as +1 to hit with the axe). Then roll a 1, for 3 damage. 

Tie up three and lock them in there with a spike to the door.

There is a door in the room; three fire beetles. Kill them, then rest and search.



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