It Started with a Chicken

Dungeon Delve 3

Hobgoblin Wrestling

Return to Three Points. Rest and heal up. 


Garaith is leader of the Murderstone Tribe.

We return to the dungeon. Garaith is nowhere to be seen. Salash knocks on the throne room door. 

Salash — “How about I scout ahead.”
There are hobgoblins and goblins herding rats. Damashka puts them ALL to sleep as they move on us in a pincher movement. (They missed Salash with their attacks).

Garaith and tribe comes and ties them up and hauls them off.  

We open a door, after deciding not to go to the third level. There is some kind of hobgoblin spellcaster. She casts a spell, Salash saves. She tries to drink a potion. Big Bard knocks it out of her hand and it shatters, the clear liquid dripping on the floor.

She is super fast in moving. She runs out of the gauntlet. Moves 24". Damashka tells us she was hasted. 

Damashka, so that her spell does not go to waste, attempts to charm Big Bard to give her the tribble pouch. 

A huge variety of mushrooms in the hallway. Somebody planted them. Some are harmless, some will make you sick.

I track her to the first door. Garaith says it won’t work to tell her he is the king. Salash opens the door; as he steps up to it, it is pulled open. Two ogrin are there. They attack Salash. 

I miss. 

Salash — “Just because I’m ugly, doesn’t mean I’m not a woman.”

There is some melee and missiles. Salash is hit and healed multiple times.

Damashka steps up, yells, “Are you hungry?” It replies “Yes!” She throws a mushroom at the ogrin, and misses.

I hit for 11 points of damage, and almost put the wounded one down. It goes slack in its face and drops its club.

“we’re running out of blood, and consider the offer.” — Z, as we parlay with Maug(f) the hobgoblin shaman. 

She surrenders as Cath wrestles with her. 

We gather loot and head back. 



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