Door Writing

Inscriptions from the outer doors in the tomb/prison:
h3. Supplied by Dawn:
Phase – God – Temple – Location – Ritual (?) – Clue phrase

1 – Dargath, Dwarven God of Mining, Blacksmithing – Anvil Plunge, Forge of Kings – a valley 5 days travel to the north – Blessing of Joining Flame – “Forge first in Dargath’s fires”

2 – Ayianna, ancient Goddess of Luck and Intrigue faded into obscurity 1,000 years ago – Unknown – Unknown – Guidance of Faith – “Two kisses bestow by Ayianna’s daughter”

3 – Iseleine, Matron of Peace – The Hanging Gardens of Iseleine – a forest far to the south, unknown exact location – Anointing of Perfection – “Bathe three drops of beauty on Iseleine’s Spire”

4 – Arden, northern God of Light (destroyed by Orcus long ago) – no known temple – Unknown – Convocation of Radiance – “Then shall Arden’s midday suns pour forth like water”

5 – Voard, God of Mourning – Unknown – Unknown – Remembrance of Angst – “In the fifth hour of mourning, Voard’s humble tear tempers”

6 – Muir, God of Paladins and Virtue – current center of worship: Bard’s Gate – 5-7 day travel along patrolled roads to the east – Rite of Virtue – “With the sixth hour strike of Muir’s grindstone, virtue is proffered”

7 – Ninevah, obscure water goddess – Unknown – Unknown – Consecration of Water – “Seven nights burn in Ninevah’s pool-like embers”

8 – Unknown – Unknown – Unknown – Enchantment of Power – “In the halls of eight disciplines, perfection freely offered”

From player notes
Blessing of joining flame: forge first in Dargath’s fires. 
[Cath knows that Dargath is a Dwarven god]. Anvil Plunge is a nearby Dwarven city. 

Guidance of fate: two kisses bestow by Ayianna’s daughter
[Lawful goddess, if Sir sneaky knows his religion]

Anointing of perfection: bathe three drops of beauty on Iseleine’s Spire. 
[Iseleine is a Lawful goddess worshipped in the jungles to the South]

Convocation of radiance: then shall Arden’s midday suns pour forth like water. 
[Arden is an ancient god of light/the sun, destroyed generations ago by Orcus]. The chamber where the split scepter was found, and the wizened corpse in current dress (and unlooted) was dedicated to Arden. 

Remembrance of angst: in the fifth hour of mourning Voard’s humble terror tempers. 
Voard is an ancient god of regret for the dead/of passing and still worshipped far to the Northeast.

Right of virtue: with the sixth strike of Muir’s grindstone. 
Muir is still worshipped in Stoneheart Valley, especially at Bard’s Gate. Muir is the twin of the god Thyr, worshipped by Bert and Ernie. 

Consecration of water: seven nights burn in Nineveh’s pool-like embers. 

Enchantment of Power: in the halls of 8 disciplines, perfection freely offered. 

Door Writing

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