It Started with a Chicken

Dungeon Delve 3
Hobgoblin Wrestling

Return to Three Points. Rest and heal up. 


Garaith is leader of the Murderstone Tribe.

We return to the dungeon. Garaith is nowhere to be seen. Salash knocks on the throne room door. 

Salash — “How about I scout ahead.”
There are hobgoblins and goblins herding rats. Damashka puts them ALL to sleep as they move on us in a pincher movement. (They missed Salash with their attacks).

Garaith and tribe comes and ties them up and hauls them off.  

We open a door, after deciding not to go to the third level. There is some kind of hobgoblin spellcaster. She casts a spell, Salash saves. She tries to drink a potion. Big Bard knocks it out of her hand and it shatters, the clear liquid dripping on the floor.

She is super fast in moving. She runs out of the gauntlet. Moves 24". Damashka tells us she was hasted. 

Damashka, so that her spell does not go to waste, attempts to charm Big Bard to give her the tribble pouch. 

A huge variety of mushrooms in the hallway. Somebody planted them. Some are harmless, some will make you sick.

I track her to the first door. Garaith says it won’t work to tell her he is the king. Salash opens the door; as he steps up to it, it is pulled open. Two ogrin are there. They attack Salash. 

I miss. 

Salash — “Just because I’m ugly, doesn’t mean I’m not a woman.”

There is some melee and missiles. Salash is hit and healed multiple times.

Damashka steps up, yells, “Are you hungry?” It replies “Yes!” She throws a mushroom at the ogrin, and misses.

I hit for 11 points of damage, and almost put the wounded one down. It goes slack in its face and drops its club.

“we’re running out of blood, and consider the offer.” — Z, as we parlay with Maug(f) the hobgoblin shaman. 

She surrenders as Cath wrestles with her. 

We gather loot and head back. 

Dungeon Delvers Part 2
A New King

Run back to town, our asses dragging, but victorious. We talk to the townsfolk a bit, scaring them. Then we adjourn and meet with the elders at the Joyful Heart Tavern.

We get a pot of honey salve each.

Drink, drink, drink.  

Meet a human cleric named Ovine, of the Thyr faith.

We return to the cavern. There are only our footprints. 

Then we go back and get holy water (25g each). 

We go back to the intersection; there is an Ogrin and ten goblins.  Goraith pulls out the Kahr’s head and yelling at them, moves up on them. “Hey you louts, I’m the new king. I killed Kahroh Smashrock.” the ogrin argues with him; “I don’t believe you.” Goraith throws the head at the giant ogrin. 

Z begins casting sleep. 

“Can I wait for other people to move. I don’t want to be up there by myself.” — Big Bard.

The ogrin’s name is Trask. He and Goraith swing at each other, both miss. Then Z’s sleep spell goes off. Trask falls. We start chanting “Goraith! Goraith! Goraith!” 
He cuts Trask’s head off (on the 3rd try).

Goraith is now the king of the murderstone tribe. A bunch of the goblins put Goraith up on their shoulders and take him to the king room.

Killed one Ogrin.

Salash sets off door explosion. then chest explosion. A lot of loot; gather gold nuggets (50g); dwarven style items; kit used in jewelry making.

Big Bard finds a bag of tribbles. Pouch of Tribble Holding. Big Bard’s Bountiful Bag of Buff-balls. 

They show us Soulsmash’s room.  Loot in there, including a green silk shirt lined in jewels and elven symbols.

Oil on stairs; we are at top. Bloody Tsar the goblin king is yelling at Goraith “so you’ve got human mercanaries working for you.” He yells back “yeah, so what are you going to do about it.”

We are damaged and have poured oil all over the stairs (100 feet of stairs). 

Then we head back.

We Join a Caravan
Side Track and Back and a Druid Diguise

We are in Anvil Plunge.

Equipping up.  Debating whether to join the caravan or go it alone. Short discussion.

We decide to buy some arrow-heads, bamboo spears. We buy a bunch of daggers. They won’t let us export their ale. 

We are seeing Bravok Ashenchisel’s cousin; we are to use Bravok’s name.
Cousin:  Olek Ashenchisel; of Ashenchisel Imports in Bargar’s Port.

Stop in Three Points. They cheer on Cath, “the wrestler.” We meet with the town elders. 
They have found the origin of the humanoids that attacked the towns. Children of the Three Points found a cave across the river. They offer us 200 gp as a group to locate them.  300 additional if we eliminate the threat.

I examine the tracks with my new dice. “66%” There are tracks of:  Goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears and ogres. They appear to be watching the town.

I go first. Then we realize Galraith came from here. He draws us a map of “the broken hammer.” That is the name of their home.

Not too interested in bugging the humans until the leaders began talking to some people out in the woods. The people in the woods suggested that Galraith’s horde attack the humans.  The murderstone tribe.

Karhak Mashrock (Bugbear) and Bamdrawl Soulsmash (Ogre) are the leaders. Galraith says it would open up a hole for the hobgoblins to take control of the murderstone tribe if we were to kill them.

Tunnel recently carved; shored up with branches. Go for about a quarter of a mile. 

second level = bonesmashers
third level = gutswine tribe

Then we talk. Decide that Cath will dress as a druid, head back to Harmony to buy the disguise.

Me and Z go to the bar. Z buys a 100gp bottle of wine. 

“If I pass out, don’t let these guys dress me up in anything and put acorns in my hair.” — Z

“A druid alone.”

We go back with the disguise plan. Galraith tells the two goblin advance guards that the druid would like to be taken to their leader.

We toss them gold; they interpret it as an attack and run. We kill them. Cath knocks out one; I roll a 5 for init, then nat 20 with my bow and hit my guy through the throat “5” on d6 damage; then I roll a 15 then 5 damage.

I look in the door they ran out of.  More goblins. I move in to attack with my new dwarven steel axe. I roll a six on my init, and a 15 on the die (16, as +1 to hit with the axe). Then roll a 1, for 3 damage. 

Tie up three and lock them in there with a spike to the door.

There is a door in the room; three fire beetles. Kill them, then rest and search.

Death of a Shaman

Looking for gravy’s master. Found his body. 
It had a glowing medallion (continual light). Helps turn undead. Also got ranger’s magical spear. 

There was a wight in the underwater ruins, and we fled that dungeon. 

We tracked the Orc that stole the flame of Dargath to this dungeon. 

Killed troglodytes that attacked us at last watch. 

We enter the next chamber.  A humanoid creature leaps up from the mud and attacks me with its trident. An unkempt orc; taller than most orc. 

It takes us all on.
We do some damage; Z is casting charm person.  It works. “Ving mort is your friend.” He drinks a potion because we wounded home. 

He says that “mom” has the burning rock.  "how did you know?"

He leads us to mom’s emmisarys called “Scum.” Corrupted humans, bred under the earth; now degenerate humans. They have come here to visit Trawla’s [his mom] temple to Alyheedra (demon goddess of water beasts). Strong dominate the weak. 

“Mediallion is from now dead god Arden.” 

She drinks the Mars Green, b/c it was “different.” Fails to detect the poison; fails her save. Ving attacks Big Bard (who gave her the spear and poison) and her crayfish pet.

Phi Phi dies by the orc. Cath casts a spell and saves Phi Phi’s life. 
We fight.  It’s ugly; we are victorious with no permanent losses.

Potion; heavy mace; fish scale mail; potion bottle; turtle shell shield; nice looking cloak; mink stole; neclace made of dwarven ears; unholy symbol of Alyheedra; baby shoes. Hidden in a sack is the flame of Dargath. in a special iron box which kept it’s flame in. Box is hot, don’t hold it for a long time.  

Ving:  trident; short sword; ring +1 pro.

We bandage up.

We speed it up and make it back to Anvil Plunge. They will do the ritual to reunite the two halves of the sceptre. 

He gives all fighting people mithral chain. Gives every nonfighter the cash equivalent (150g), +100 gold each party member (except hobgoblin).

Ceremony of binding. Totally awesome. Iron holy to Dargath. 
Results in Adamantine heavy mace. 

Three Points - a quaint smuggling town with a circus problem
The Long Hunters Recruit a Worthy Member

There is a man awaiting me (Solstice Summerwind) in the common room when we return to The Felled Ogre.  Master Hunter Rankir.  He says he is from the Long Hunters, and they have heard of my actions, including trying to warn the village on my own.  I am honored to join their ranks. He tells me where their headquarters is, and gives me a signal horn.  Which, if I’d had it, I might have been able to warn the village in time.

Ft. Rendezvous – where the Long Hunters meet; have their HQ.

He also says that there are smugglers in a town – “Three Points” – consisting of three villages – Harmony, Stone’s Throw, and Thorbold. North of Fairhill (and Bard’s Gate).  Way North. It is also on the way to Anvil Plunge.

We buy gear, including bandages.
Food for the road. Water and feed for animals.
Repair kit for the wagon, now I have two horses.
Big Bard buys a guard dog he names Phi phi.
Salash buys a ferret. No name yet.

We head out to Three Points. We are attacked by stirges (3).

We make it to the Vinewood estates. A huge property. Vast vineyards, huge manor house. Terraced gardens, barns where they stomp the grapes.

We buy a case of wine (72 gold).  We spend the night, leave in the morning. 

Attacked by stirges (6).  I hate those things.

Big Bard and Salash wrestle to see who has first watch. Big Bard wins the right to first watch. 

An owlbear crashes through the woods, but we take off up the road. 

Phi Phi stays and growls at it.  But runs after Big Bard in the end.

“If the ranger who went by himself after a war band of gnolls is leaving, then I’m out of here.” — Big Bard on seeing the owlbear.

At first watch, 4 elves approach. Big Bard speaks elven.  We discuss the owlbear, and they tell us the druids around Three Points are angry b/c the townsfolk around there have cut down all the trees between the three villages.

We meet a group of dwarves looking for one of hteir number. They got separated and this dwarf is suposed to be marrying a young dwarf. His name is:  Kurraug.  They can’t find him. They tell us they’ll be grateful and introduce us to [dwarven names].
Leader of Kurraug guard is:  Karg.

I start tracking, he appears to be following the road headed north. We head after. Now we hear the cry of a wolf.

We rush up and find the dwarf menaced by a wolf.  We attack.
He kills it after I put a couple of arrows into it. He says he killed the others.
We return him to his people.
He takes credit for killing all the wolves. We let it slide, as a wedding gift.

Turns out they are headed to Stone’s Throw.
We travel together.
They tell us there is a great place to stock up called St. Ambry’s.  She even sells potions and scrolls. 
They will meet us in the Gold Crown tavern.  In Stone’s Throw. “Pretty acceptable brew, for a human establishment. Well, there’s a halfling involved.”

We arrive in Harmony. There is a blacksmith there.  Osgordin the Big. Seems happy. He has a lot of stuff, surprisingly. A silver a horseshoe; we need 24. Almost three gold. Z pays.

The three points are relatively close, separated by a common area.

There is the Joyful Harp tavern here in Harmony. Well known for its drunken brawls and cheap and pentiful drinks. Nina, the tavern owner is talkative to Bard.
He gets drunk and makes a fool of himself trying to dance.
Nina:  "There are no druids around here."
Bard: “The elves told us.”
Solstice: “Shut up!”
Nina: “he must be hallucinating.”
Solstice: “yes, yes he is. Probably remembering a line from a song.”

We sleep here and board the horses.
No encounters. Lol.

Inn is generally full. People are coming in for the circus. Circus arrived today – the carnies anyway, setting up tents in the common area.  The smuggler(s) is supposed to be among the circus folk.

Gold Crown tavern. Largest building in town. A lot more rooms than the Harp. A halfling, “Hail travelers, looking for an inn.” Common room: tables are made of hardwood; worn and comfortable benches. Wood paneling inside.

They are smuggling Red Lotus and Black Lotus (very illegal); Blue Lotus (marginally legal); and various poison.

Searching Temples, a Gnoll Village Discovered, a Gnoll Army on the March
Racing to Save a Village

At entrance to valley. A trail leading out of the valley marked with many tracks, recent. Both shod prints and booted. Gnoll tracks cross the valley side to side. Other tracks move in and out of the valley. 

Temple on left = temple of Thyr. Attacked by 8 skeletons. We engage, then they are turned and we mop up. 

We are also here to gather info on temples, see what’s happened in last ten years, what is their status is now. 

Rod of kingship in right hand broken, chalice of peace = unrecognizable lump. Head is gone and nowhere to be found. 

Altar = a bit defaced. Glyph on altar = still charged. 

Shrine of Muir. 5 skeletons. Turned and mopped up. 
Statue of lady of paladins has been beheaded. Head lies nearby; features hammered off. Sword of truth broken off at hilt. Shield of truth is defaced with symbol of Orcus. 

Three active glyphs. One on head, at base with writing in Celestial, and on shield. 

We hide as four human priests of Orcus go by. They are talking about a gnoll raid on Taverland. 

From hills on south (bard’s gate side) see a village in a valley to the South. 

Gnoll tracks = 100+ members = headed to Taverland. 
We head out to scout the village. 
Sounds of a river. Lots of scrub and cover. Round buildings with wood and thatched grass roofs. 
Approximately 500 in village, apprx 200 fighting adults. 

We ride hard for the river so the party can go South without getting lost. Then I ride hard for Taverland to warn them. 

I am attacked in a copse of woods. I feed the stirges. 

There are gnoll fires. They crush the village. Men put to the sword. Women and young boys chained up and are taken prisoners. They are taken East. The gnolls we’d tracked were joined by a group from the East. 

The village islost, my death would accomplish nothing. I head South to Bard’s Gate.

I hide from large, dark figures in the sky. Wyverns? A patrol of Griffon riders flies overhead towards the village.

I meet a large body of soldiers (Lyre Guard) headed North. I report to the captain. He says the the gnoll king G’awootar is on the move again. There is a gnoll fortress to the East. 

I return to Bard’s Gate. 
268 XP

A (Big) Bard's Story

So now that I’m on an adventure, I figured I should keep a journal of some sort to track my progress and reflect upon happenings and such.

Also, if I fall, anyone finding this journal will know my story.

The name’s Bard. From Bard’s Gate. Yes, you heard that right. I can’t tell if my parents are clueless or hiding a wicked sense of humor, but that’s what they named me. Can’t change it now. Most people just call me Big Bard, on account of my muscular stature.

And before anyone asks: No. I’m not a bard. I mean, I can sing (off tune) a bit, I can dance a little, and I can make people laugh, but anyone who stays in Bard’s Gate long enough can pick up a couple tricks too.

So, a couple weeks ago, I figure I’ve had enough of living in Bard’s Gate. I wanna go out in the world, and do stuff. Anything. So I pack my stuff together, gather up all my supplies, and just get outta town. Well, I didn’t get far before I ran into a pack of Gnolls. I knew they were common round these parts, I just didn’t realize how common. I barely managed to get out of there alive. All I had left was my shield, warhammer, chainmail, and backpack. Not a single coin left to my name.

Well, I couldn’t go back to my parents. They were always so disappointed with me. Always harping about my life choices: “Why don’t you drop that war hammer and pick up a lyre like a real Bard?” or “Why don’t you get rid of those silly dreams of being a fighter and enroll yourself into a prestigious Bard’s school?” or “What the hell are you thinking, practicing trying to be good in a fight? Your role should be on the sidelines and out of the way, pretending your ineffective performances are actually making any sort impact on the battle and convincing yourself that you really are an integral part of the team! There’s nothing wrong with being the fifth wheel of a four-member party! I’m sure it was just an accident that my name was left out of the hall of heroes! The King didn’t forget to reward my deeds, he just couldn’t think of a reward big enough! Also I’m sure he’s busy with his Kingly duties! I’m sure he’ll send the letter awarding me with a fiefdom any day now!” and so on. As you can imagine, that got old quick.

So I got myself some work bussing tables at the local inn, in exchange for food, drink, an’ a place to sleep. I was working the tables when I see what looks like the adventuring type of group. You know, the type of people that look like they have no business being around each other, an’ don’t much care for each other, but still end up traveling together and saving the world and stuff. From the looks of it, the group consists of a priest, a ranger, a mage, and a sneaky looking thief girl.

I went up to the group and explained my predicament with the gnolls and me losing all my stuff. Well, as I’m done explaining, the sneaky looking girl just starts laughing in my face about my predicament. And then she hands me 100 gold coins and tells me to get myself back on my feet.
….I’m not quite sure how to take that.

Regardless I’m grateful for the help, and ask if there’s anything I can do to repay them. They tell me they’re looking for a frontline fighter. Apparently they were traveling with a couple paladin brothers, but both were killed, saving the rest of the party from certain death at the hands of orcs and gnolls. They say they’re currently trying to stop some necromancer named “Rainbow Dancer” and some priest of Orcus from destroying the world. Typical Adventure stuff.

The priest is a priest of the god Bowbee. I’m not quite sure what Bowbee is the god of, but it seems to involve wresting, getting drunk, and breaking stuff. Well anyway, the priest’s name is Cath, the ranger’s name is Solstice, the mage is named Zee, and the girl, named Slanesh, says she’s an assassin working for the church of Freya. I didn’t know that druids often hired assassins, but I decided not to press the matter.

So apparently, the group needs to take a rod to these temples in a particular order to fix the staff and restore balance, or something like that. I was so excited to be a part of a real adventuring party that I forgot why we were adventuring in the first place. Well, I’m sure it’ll sort itself out eventually.

After a night of rest, we set out on our way. But first, Cath says he wants to go to his temple of Bowbee. On our way there, we run into a rather snooty, stuck-up captain of the lyre guard who was acting a bit suspicious, in my opinion. When asked what he was doing, he acted all dodgy. Though he did tell us that if we brought in gnoll scalps, we could get some coin for them.

After going to the temple and receiving Bowbee’s blessing, we come across a bridge that connects the path we were on to the path we need to get onto. Well, there’s this big scary looking knight wearing full plate and wielding a wicked looking bastard sword. Zee mentions that he thinks the stuff’s enchanted. When we start to cross the bridge, the knight starts looking like he’s going to attack us. But Zee whispers off a spell, and charms the knight into not attacking us. The knight says he was cursed by some necromancer to guard the bridge an’ kill anyone trying to cross it. We think he might be talking about that Rainbow Dancer guy. I don’t know why he’d be cursed to guard this bridge, of all bridges. It all connects at Bard’s gate. If we just go back to Bard’s gate, and head out on a different road, we’ll end up on the other side of the bridge. His being cursed to guard the bridge is really just a minor inconvenience for travelers on this road. We tell him we’ll look into fixing his curse, and do what I just noted. The knight guy looks kinda peeved as we camp on the other side of the bridge.

Apparently we were attacked by gnolls as I slept. It can’t have been that serious, as they were all killed by the time I woke up. Apparently the black knight killed off 4 gnolls in one swing as they tried to cross the bridge. I’m glad we didn’t try to take him on ourselves.

Bard's Gate - Infodump

So I wake at this Inn that is actually fairly decent – decent enough that I sleep soundly. Time to check in with the client, while my party members deal with the church of not-understanding-my-guild, aka Thyer. They are more likely to have the information we need, truth be had, but….yea, I ain’t going there. So I tell them I’ll meet them at the church of Freya. In the common room of the Inn there’s this Bard – well, there’s this Big Bard. No really, that’s his name. He’s attempting to busk, and his attempts have got me laughing a fair amount, and he gives this sob story of having no money. He seems legit, so I give him some coins in exchange of his getting-hit-on-my-behalf-ness.

So they go to the church of Theyr, and I am off to my contact to relay my information. They’re quite pleased I have stumbled upon this issue – gives us good standing and reason to stay on retainer with the Church of Freya, and who knows who else will pay to avoid the end of the world? The Guild knows, and will get more contracts.

At the church, I relay the outcome of the beasts that burned down thier church, and the current mission. The priestess insists I continue to help the adventurers and see this to the end. I know she didn’t say “Steady Employment” but that’s what I heard.

The rest of the party meets me outside the church, and relays to the the locations/information they found at the church. This is good – we know where we need to go, and kinda know what we need to do. It’s a start, at least.

We leave Bard’s gate going north, on the east side of the river, to stop at the Shrine of Bowbee. We do, nothing exciting. However, when we try to cross the brigde, this man in black plate mail doesn’t let us pass. He seems to about attack, but Z charms him. Which is good – not going to lie, he’d kill us all easily. He explains his problem (curse, of course). Well, we need to cross the river….so back around we go. We assure himt hat we will look into breaking the curse.

Just as it’s time to camp, we’ve made our way back to Bard’s gate, and then back north to the other side of the bridge. We rest, about 100ft from the bridge, the man in black plate pacing.

I get 1st shift, and I see six gnolls approaching. Everyone else is a asleep. The gnolls are close, so I wake everyone up. The priest gets to the front and gets hurt, but Z puts them to sleep. The black knight killed all 3 gnolls that went his way in less time then 4 of us killed 3 sleeping gnolls. Yep, I am glad we didn’t attack him.

We rest up for the night, and get ready for the trek north.

Arrival at Bard's Gate

Arrive at Bard’s Gate
We visit the temple of Thyr to tell them of Ernie of Justice’s death.  Salash does not come. They would frown on her kind. 

Temples here are pretty run down. 
Vanithu – temple of xxx guard is not run down, it is very active. 

I donate 50 gold in the empty temple. 

Bofred the Just
From him, we learn that they were hoping Bert and Ernie would aid in the resurgence of the Order of the Sword of Retribution through their deeds. 
Also, there are bad guys near the Stoneheart Dungeon. 

We tell him the story so far. He introduces us at temple of Muir – order of the uplifted sword. He introduces us to Barahill the Faithful (a dude).  We show him the Scepter of Faith. He calls for a book to look up the record. 
I give 100 gold. 

Oh, and everyone freaks out when we mention Akruel

Barahill casts detect magic; the broken scepter glows brightly 

Raindanzeray – the necromancer. We believe he is trying to raise Akruel. 

Barahill tells us: 
Dargath, god of forge and fire. There is one here in Bard’s gate. 
Ionna, goddess of luck and travel.  Worshippers likely at Bargar’s Port. South from here. 

Iseleine.  Hanging gardens about two weeks South in a forest. 

Arden, killed long ago by Orcus. Another god may have taken responsibility for Arden’s domain. Arn, the lesser god of the sun has taken over his Worshippers. Serif, a city on the great Savana, was the site of a large temple to Arden. Might also be info there. 

Voard, god of mourning. Far to the north is a monestary. At the edge of the Northlands. Monestary of World Sundering. 

Shield basilica of Muir is on the edges of the Savana, “I think.”

Lady of Searing Waters, temple to Ninevah. Temple is far, far to the East. Across the massive lake that separates our lands. 

8 disciplines – probably a temple or seminar or school. If it is place she is thinking of, it is located to the South, possibly associated with a god/des named Thasizier. 

I give 100 gold to Church of Freya

We buy equipment, horses, oil and other gear. 

Increased patrols on road. They are patrolling for gnolls; expecting a raid on the city. Scalps earn gold from Imril, Captain of the Knights of the Griffin.

Head out to Shrine of Bowbe, it’s on the way. A days travel. 
We leave an offering. Pick up a bless spell. Will last for an hour after our first battle starts. 

A black knight named Garron challenges us. He’s been cursed by the priests of Orcus to kill anyone who attempts to cross the bridge. We charm him, but the curse makes it not matter. He lets us leave. 

We go around back through Bard’s Gate. 

Then we camp near Garron’s bridge.

We are attacked by six gnolls. 3 go toward the bridge. That ends them. 

Z puts the ones attacking us to sleep. Cath is almost killed (only leather armor can be slept in, so he was without his plate mail). 

450 gold, including gold teeth pulled from victims. 30xp each gnoll. 

I close this journal entry as we and our mounts stand before the “entrance to the valley of the shrines.”There are two Greek style temples near a dark lake. The temples are dark with graphiti and defiled. 

On the Road to Bard's Gate
Sir Ernie Dies Fighting

Hello, gentle reader. What follows are some of my raw notes from the journey to Bard’s Gate. Due to the need for vigilance against unknown perils, as well as combat actions, I only have these notes, rather than a cogent narrative. — Solstice Summerwind

At first watch, Cath is surprised by stirges. 
3/4 attach. 
We jump up and start trying to pull them off him.

We spend the night secure in a Waymarch tower. There is from enough for Horse and Karry Orcbane. The Waymarch are a group of warriors that patrol the roads out of Bard’s Gate.

Must travel through the Stoneheart Forest, aka stirge forest. 

As night falls, the next Waymarch tower is a bit further on. We continue a little past dusk to reach it.
Approaching the tower, we are ambushed by six gnolls. Ernie of Justice charges their line as they step from the woods next to the road. We drop Ernie’s guy with archery from the wagon after Ernie hits him good. A large, well-armored Gnoll then steps up and kills Ernie with a mighty blow of a two-handed sword. 

We continue in the wagon and cross in front of the Waymarch station; 6+ gnolls are pouring out of a hole in the fence. We speed up and out. 

Meet a caravan headed South. They turn back at our behest. Then we meet some sheriffs and report the gnolls. 

We arrive at Bard’s Gate. 

There is a tent city. 
We enter. There are restrictions on weapons. 
We learn their money is different. 

We stay at M4.  It is the Felled Ogre, run by Durst Hammerhand. He has a gnarly huge metal hand. They have lots of different alcohol. Some they make here at the inn. 


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