It Started with a Chicken

Searching Temples, a Gnoll Village Discovered, a Gnoll Army on the March

Racing to Save a Village

At entrance to valley. A trail leading out of the valley marked with many tracks, recent. Both shod prints and booted. Gnoll tracks cross the valley side to side. Other tracks move in and out of the valley. 

Temple on left = temple of Thyr. Attacked by 8 skeletons. We engage, then they are turned and we mop up. 

We are also here to gather info on temples, see what’s happened in last ten years, what is their status is now. 

Rod of kingship in right hand broken, chalice of peace = unrecognizable lump. Head is gone and nowhere to be found. 

Altar = a bit defaced. Glyph on altar = still charged. 

Shrine of Muir. 5 skeletons. Turned and mopped up. 
Statue of lady of paladins has been beheaded. Head lies nearby; features hammered off. Sword of truth broken off at hilt. Shield of truth is defaced with symbol of Orcus. 

Three active glyphs. One on head, at base with writing in Celestial, and on shield. 

We hide as four human priests of Orcus go by. They are talking about a gnoll raid on Taverland. 

From hills on south (bard’s gate side) see a village in a valley to the South. 

Gnoll tracks = 100+ members = headed to Taverland. 
We head out to scout the village. 
Sounds of a river. Lots of scrub and cover. Round buildings with wood and thatched grass roofs. 
Approximately 500 in village, apprx 200 fighting adults. 

We ride hard for the river so the party can go South without getting lost. Then I ride hard for Taverland to warn them. 

I am attacked in a copse of woods. I feed the stirges. 

There are gnoll fires. They crush the village. Men put to the sword. Women and young boys chained up and are taken prisoners. They are taken East. The gnolls we’d tracked were joined by a group from the East. 

The village islost, my death would accomplish nothing. I head South to Bard’s Gate.

I hide from large, dark figures in the sky. Wyverns? A patrol of Griffon riders flies overhead towards the village.

I meet a large body of soldiers (Lyre Guard) headed North. I report to the captain. He says the the gnoll king G’awootar is on the move again. There is a gnoll fortress to the East. 

I return to Bard’s Gate. 
268 XP



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