It Started with a Chicken

On the Road to Bard's Gate

Sir Ernie Dies Fighting

Hello, gentle reader. What follows are some of my raw notes from the journey to Bard’s Gate. Due to the need for vigilance against unknown perils, as well as combat actions, I only have these notes, rather than a cogent narrative. — Solstice Summerwind

At first watch, Cath is surprised by stirges. 
3/4 attach. 
We jump up and start trying to pull them off him.

We spend the night secure in a Waymarch tower. There is from enough for Horse and Karry Orcbane. The Waymarch are a group of warriors that patrol the roads out of Bard’s Gate.

Must travel through the Stoneheart Forest, aka stirge forest. 

As night falls, the next Waymarch tower is a bit further on. We continue a little past dusk to reach it.
Approaching the tower, we are ambushed by six gnolls. Ernie of Justice charges their line as they step from the woods next to the road. We drop Ernie’s guy with archery from the wagon after Ernie hits him good. A large, well-armored Gnoll then steps up and kills Ernie with a mighty blow of a two-handed sword. 

We continue in the wagon and cross in front of the Waymarch station; 6+ gnolls are pouring out of a hole in the fence. We speed up and out. 

Meet a caravan headed South. They turn back at our behest. Then we meet some sheriffs and report the gnolls. 

We arrive at Bard’s Gate. 

There is a tent city. 
We enter. There are restrictions on weapons. 
We learn their money is different. 

We stay at M4.  It is the Felled Ogre, run by Durst Hammerhand. He has a gnarly huge metal hand. They have lots of different alcohol. Some they make here at the inn. 



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