It Started with a Chicken

Death of a Shaman

Looking for gravy’s master. Found his body. 
It had a glowing medallion (continual light). Helps turn undead. Also got ranger’s magical spear. 

There was a wight in the underwater ruins, and we fled that dungeon. 

We tracked the Orc that stole the flame of Dargath to this dungeon. 

Killed troglodytes that attacked us at last watch. 

We enter the next chamber.  A humanoid creature leaps up from the mud and attacks me with its trident. An unkempt orc; taller than most orc. 

It takes us all on.
We do some damage; Z is casting charm person.  It works. “Ving mort is your friend.” He drinks a potion because we wounded home. 

He says that “mom” has the burning rock.  "how did you know?"

He leads us to mom’s emmisarys called “Scum.” Corrupted humans, bred under the earth; now degenerate humans. They have come here to visit Trawla’s [his mom] temple to Alyheedra (demon goddess of water beasts). Strong dominate the weak. 

“Mediallion is from now dead god Arden.” 

She drinks the Mars Green, b/c it was “different.” Fails to detect the poison; fails her save. Ving attacks Big Bard (who gave her the spear and poison) and her crayfish pet.

Phi Phi dies by the orc. Cath casts a spell and saves Phi Phi’s life. 
We fight.  It’s ugly; we are victorious with no permanent losses.

Potion; heavy mace; fish scale mail; potion bottle; turtle shell shield; nice looking cloak; mink stole; neclace made of dwarven ears; unholy symbol of Alyheedra; baby shoes. Hidden in a sack is the flame of Dargath. in a special iron box which kept it’s flame in. Box is hot, don’t hold it for a long time.  

Ving:  trident; short sword; ring +1 pro.

We bandage up.

We speed it up and make it back to Anvil Plunge. They will do the ritual to reunite the two halves of the sceptre. 

He gives all fighting people mithral chain. Gives every nonfighter the cash equivalent (150g), +100 gold each party member (except hobgoblin).

Ceremony of binding. Totally awesome. Iron holy to Dargath. 
Results in Adamantine heavy mace. 



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