It Started with a Chicken

Bard's Gate - Infodump

So I wake at this Inn that is actually fairly decent – decent enough that I sleep soundly. Time to check in with the client, while my party members deal with the church of not-understanding-my-guild, aka Thyer. They are more likely to have the information we need, truth be had, but….yea, I ain’t going there. So I tell them I’ll meet them at the church of Freya. In the common room of the Inn there’s this Bard – well, there’s this Big Bard. No really, that’s his name. He’s attempting to busk, and his attempts have got me laughing a fair amount, and he gives this sob story of having no money. He seems legit, so I give him some coins in exchange of his getting-hit-on-my-behalf-ness.

So they go to the church of Theyr, and I am off to my contact to relay my information. They’re quite pleased I have stumbled upon this issue – gives us good standing and reason to stay on retainer with the Church of Freya, and who knows who else will pay to avoid the end of the world? The Guild knows, and will get more contracts.

At the church, I relay the outcome of the beasts that burned down thier church, and the current mission. The priestess insists I continue to help the adventurers and see this to the end. I know she didn’t say “Steady Employment” but that’s what I heard.

The rest of the party meets me outside the church, and relays to the the locations/information they found at the church. This is good – we know where we need to go, and kinda know what we need to do. It’s a start, at least.

We leave Bard’s gate going north, on the east side of the river, to stop at the Shrine of Bowbee. We do, nothing exciting. However, when we try to cross the brigde, this man in black plate mail doesn’t let us pass. He seems to about attack, but Z charms him. Which is good – not going to lie, he’d kill us all easily. He explains his problem (curse, of course). Well, we need to cross the river….so back around we go. We assure himt hat we will look into breaking the curse.

Just as it’s time to camp, we’ve made our way back to Bard’s gate, and then back north to the other side of the bridge. We rest, about 100ft from the bridge, the man in black plate pacing.

I get 1st shift, and I see six gnolls approaching. Everyone else is a asleep. The gnolls are close, so I wake everyone up. The priest gets to the front and gets hurt, but Z puts them to sleep. The black knight killed all 3 gnolls that went his way in less time then 4 of us killed 3 sleeping gnolls. Yep, I am glad we didn’t attack him.

We rest up for the night, and get ready for the trek north.



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