It Started with a Chicken

Arrival at Bard's Gate

Arrive at Bard’s Gate
We visit the temple of Thyr to tell them of Ernie of Justice’s death.  Salash does not come. They would frown on her kind. 

Temples here are pretty run down. 
Vanithu – temple of xxx guard is not run down, it is very active. 

I donate 50 gold in the empty temple. 

Bofred the Just
From him, we learn that they were hoping Bert and Ernie would aid in the resurgence of the Order of the Sword of Retribution through their deeds. 
Also, there are bad guys near the Stoneheart Dungeon. 

We tell him the story so far. He introduces us at temple of Muir – order of the uplifted sword. He introduces us to Barahill the Faithful (a dude).  We show him the Scepter of Faith. He calls for a book to look up the record. 
I give 100 gold. 

Oh, and everyone freaks out when we mention Akruel

Barahill casts detect magic; the broken scepter glows brightly 

Raindanzeray – the necromancer. We believe he is trying to raise Akruel. 

Barahill tells us: 
Dargath, god of forge and fire. There is one here in Bard’s gate. 
Ionna, goddess of luck and travel.  Worshippers likely at Bargar’s Port. South from here. 

Iseleine.  Hanging gardens about two weeks South in a forest. 

Arden, killed long ago by Orcus. Another god may have taken responsibility for Arden’s domain. Arn, the lesser god of the sun has taken over his Worshippers. Serif, a city on the great Savana, was the site of a large temple to Arden. Might also be info there. 

Voard, god of mourning. Far to the north is a monestary. At the edge of the Northlands. Monestary of World Sundering. 

Shield basilica of Muir is on the edges of the Savana, “I think.”

Lady of Searing Waters, temple to Ninevah. Temple is far, far to the East. Across the massive lake that separates our lands. 

8 disciplines – probably a temple or seminar or school. If it is place she is thinking of, it is located to the South, possibly associated with a god/des named Thasizier. 

I give 100 gold to Church of Freya

We buy equipment, horses, oil and other gear. 

Increased patrols on road. They are patrolling for gnolls; expecting a raid on the city. Scalps earn gold from Imril, Captain of the Knights of the Griffin.

Head out to Shrine of Bowbe, it’s on the way. A days travel. 
We leave an offering. Pick up a bless spell. Will last for an hour after our first battle starts. 

A black knight named Garron challenges us. He’s been cursed by the priests of Orcus to kill anyone who attempts to cross the bridge. We charm him, but the curse makes it not matter. He lets us leave. 

We go around back through Bard’s Gate. 

Then we camp near Garron’s bridge.

We are attacked by six gnolls. 3 go toward the bridge. That ends them. 

Z puts the ones attacking us to sleep. Cath is almost killed (only leather armor can be slept in, so he was without his plate mail). 

450 gold, including gold teeth pulled from victims. 30xp each gnoll. 

I close this journal entry as we and our mounts stand before the “entrance to the valley of the shrines.”There are two Greek style temples near a dark lake. The temples are dark with graphiti and defiled. 



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