It Started with a Chicken

Three Points - a quaint smuggling town with a circus problem

The Long Hunters Recruit a Worthy Member

There is a man awaiting me (Solstice Summerwind) in the common room when we return to The Felled Ogre.  Master Hunter Rankir.  He says he is from the Long Hunters, and they have heard of my actions, including trying to warn the village on my own.  I am honored to join their ranks. He tells me where their headquarters is, and gives me a signal horn.  Which, if I’d had it, I might have been able to warn the village in time.

Ft. Rendezvous – where the Long Hunters meet; have their HQ.

He also says that there are smugglers in a town – “Three Points” – consisting of three villages – Harmony, Stone’s Throw, and Thorbold. North of Fairhill (and Bard’s Gate).  Way North. It is also on the way to Anvil Plunge.

We buy gear, including bandages.
Food for the road. Water and feed for animals.
Repair kit for the wagon, now I have two horses.
Big Bard buys a guard dog he names Phi phi.
Salash buys a ferret. No name yet.

We head out to Three Points. We are attacked by stirges (3).

We make it to the Vinewood estates. A huge property. Vast vineyards, huge manor house. Terraced gardens, barns where they stomp the grapes.

We buy a case of wine (72 gold).  We spend the night, leave in the morning. 

Attacked by stirges (6).  I hate those things.

Big Bard and Salash wrestle to see who has first watch. Big Bard wins the right to first watch. 

An owlbear crashes through the woods, but we take off up the road. 

Phi Phi stays and growls at it.  But runs after Big Bard in the end.

“If the ranger who went by himself after a war band of gnolls is leaving, then I’m out of here.” — Big Bard on seeing the owlbear.

At first watch, 4 elves approach. Big Bard speaks elven.  We discuss the owlbear, and they tell us the druids around Three Points are angry b/c the townsfolk around there have cut down all the trees between the three villages.

We meet a group of dwarves looking for one of hteir number. They got separated and this dwarf is suposed to be marrying a young dwarf. His name is:  Kurraug.  They can’t find him. They tell us they’ll be grateful and introduce us to [dwarven names].
Leader of Kurraug guard is:  Karg.

I start tracking, he appears to be following the road headed north. We head after. Now we hear the cry of a wolf.

We rush up and find the dwarf menaced by a wolf.  We attack.
He kills it after I put a couple of arrows into it. He says he killed the others.
We return him to his people.
He takes credit for killing all the wolves. We let it slide, as a wedding gift.

Turns out they are headed to Stone’s Throw.
We travel together.
They tell us there is a great place to stock up called St. Ambry’s.  She even sells potions and scrolls. 
They will meet us in the Gold Crown tavern.  In Stone’s Throw. “Pretty acceptable brew, for a human establishment. Well, there’s a halfling involved.”

We arrive in Harmony. There is a blacksmith there.  Osgordin the Big. Seems happy. He has a lot of stuff, surprisingly. A silver a horseshoe; we need 24. Almost three gold. Z pays.

The three points are relatively close, separated by a common area.

There is the Joyful Harp tavern here in Harmony. Well known for its drunken brawls and cheap and pentiful drinks. Nina, the tavern owner is talkative to Bard.
He gets drunk and makes a fool of himself trying to dance.
Nina:  "There are no druids around here."
Bard: “The elves told us.”
Solstice: “Shut up!”
Nina: “he must be hallucinating.”
Solstice: “yes, yes he is. Probably remembering a line from a song.”

We sleep here and board the horses.
No encounters. Lol.

Inn is generally full. People are coming in for the circus. Circus arrived today – the carnies anyway, setting up tents in the common area.  The smuggler(s) is supposed to be among the circus folk.

Gold Crown tavern. Largest building in town. A lot more rooms than the Harp. A halfling, “Hail travelers, looking for an inn.” Common room: tables are made of hardwood; worn and comfortable benches. Wood paneling inside.

They are smuggling Red Lotus and Black Lotus (very illegal); Blue Lotus (marginally legal); and various poison.



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